A typical performance for a wedding ceremony consists of the following parts, which we will tailor to meet your specific needs.

  • Prelude: 15-30 minutes of music while the guests are being seated. We usually select the music for this portion of the ceremony, but feel free to make requests.
  • Seating of the family: This includes the parents and grandparents and lighting of candles, if applicable.
  • Procession of attendants: This also includes flower girl and ring bearer. It may also include the entrance of the officiant, groom and groomsmen.
  • Procession of the bride/groom: We recommend this be a separate piece from the rest of the wedding party to alert the congregation to stand.
  • Other interludes: Unity candle, sand ceremony, communion, etc.
  • Recession of wedding party: Wedding party exits
  • Postlude: 5-10 minutes of music as guests exit.

What to expect the day of the ceremony:

We will arrive 15-30 minutes prior to the prelude to set up and make sure all logistical issues are sorted out. This takes the place of attending a rehearsal. We will also be in contact with the wedding coordinator or other contact person before the ceremony to make sure we are prepared.

We will need someone to cue us when it is time to end the prelude and begin the actual ceremony. We may also need to be cued for specific events within the ceremony. For example, we don’t want to start playing the piece for the procession of the bridesmaids if they are not all lined up and ready to go! An unobstructed view of the entrance of the wedding party and the altar area make it easier for us to correctly time the beginning and ending of our pieces. A wedding program and/or script is also extremely helpful.

We require armless chairs set up in an adequately lit location with plenty of space for movement. We will provide our own music stands.